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Assessment of Expertise in Humanitarian Engineering - AAEE Awards Roadshow


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Assessment of Socio-Technical and Co-Design Expertise in Humanitarian Engineering

2019 Australasian Association for Engineering Education (AAEE) Award for Engineering Education Research Design

Dr Andrea Mazzurco and Dr Scott Daniel

Humanitarian Engineering (HE) is emerging in universities and professional workplaces worldwide. HE projects exist at the intersection of engineering and sustainable community development, and therefore socio-technical and co-design expertise are fundamental. However, such skills and mindsets are difficult to teach, learn, and assess. There is a need to develop effective teaching and assessment strategies, dependent upon clearly operationalised definitions of both socio-technical and co-design expertise.

In this workshop, the Energy Conversion Playground (ECP), a scenario-based assessment developed to assess socio-technical thinking and co-design expertise in the context of humanitarian engineering, will be discussed. Participants will have the opportunity to work with the assessment and discuss how to develop their own scenario-based assessments for other constructs.


Code of Conduct:

All AAEE events are currently covered by the Engineers Australia General Regulations and Code of Ethics. For a contextual example of what is expected in the context of an AAEE event, please see the AAEE 2020 Conference code of conduct published on the conference website (bottom of page). 


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