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WASH Fiji - The Warren Centre Humanitarian Engineering Hub


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TWC Humanitarian Engineering Hub presents a platform for projects which demonstrate innovative engineering solutions and proper safeguard management to deliver real and lasting benefits for communities in Developing Countries. WISH is a unique project which achieves these goals whilst combining research with communities and practical application.

Join us for a conversation about WISH Fiji

WISH Fiji - Watershed Interventions for System Health Fiji, is a project aimed at achieving positive human and environmental impacts through engineering and education interventions. The project has been undertaken by The University of Sydney's Faculty of Engineering with Fiji partners, and has been funded by DFAT – Australian Aid. Practical Completion has recently been achieved.

This webinar will share evidence of a community led implementation work over the last four years across five watersheds on three islands of Fiji.  

Participants will hear practical insights from the project team covering: 

  • How watersheds, as a geographic boundary, are effective for community health program design that captures connected human and ecosystem activities from ridge to reef

  • Successful tools for engaging 29 individual communities via free and informed participatory approaches 

  • Novel processes and material for community education around risk factors for human health (typhoid, leptospirosis and dengue fever) and the environmental risk (deforestation, riparian zone damage, livestock management and coral reef health)  

  • Evidence from successful water safety and sanitation engineering activities undertaken using an expanded custom format that captures a wide range of anthropogenic activities that carry risk in the watershed 

  • Considerations for implementation activities that are more resilient to the impacts of future climate change impacts (increased flooding and cyclone intensity) on the watersheds and communities 

  • Implementation of community and watershed level risk reducing interventions that are sustainable and based on natural solutions. 

When:               Wednesday, 7 December, 8am – 9.30am
Where:              Online
Register:           Required: Register online

A confirmation email will be sent to registered participants to provide Zoom link.


Dr Jacqueline Thomas - The University of Sydney

Dr Jacqueline Thomas completed her PhD in environmental engineering with the Water Research Centre at the University of New South Wales in 2012.  Her current appointment is as a lecturer with the School of Civil Engineering at the University of Sydney. Her research focuses on climate-resilient water and sanitation systems that protect the health of populations and environments. Her current projects are located in developing countries across sub-Saharan Africa and the Pacific. Prior to joining the University, Dr Thomas established a WaSH research group during her four-year residency in Tanzania with a not for profit research institute called Ifakara Health Institute. For the WISH Fiji Project Jacqueline has led the WaSH monitoring research. 

Mr Timoci Naivalulevu - Fiji National University 

Timoci (Jim) is a conservation scientist and the WISH Fiji Project Manager and Upper Navua/Namosi catchment coordinator. He leads the WISH Fiji field work, international and local stakeholder engagement in Fiji. He also leads the community consultation process enabling design and implementation of appropriate WISH Fiji interventions. Prior to joining the WISH Fiji team Timoci worked in the WaSH NGO sector.  

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