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WEBINAR - Thought Leaders Series: Community engagement in engineering


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Have you found yourself responsible for running a public consultation exercise?

The role of an engineer has grown into an all-encompassing profession.  The scope of expectations in the industry is continually expanding, with a hefty set of expectations on our practicing engineers to deliver on every aspect of a project including design, budget, ethics and work safe practices just to name a few.  But what about community engagement? 

Engineers have found themselves in a room, on occasion, facing contention and hostility.  Without training in this area, it can be a fraught experience. How can you work with the vast dynamics in a room of differing opinions to engage and involve the community knowledge to create a more positive dialogue? 

Our panel of experts will share their experiences with what they have found to cultivate positive conversations, tapping into the community voice and knowledge bank, so we can interpret current thinking into a constructive dynamic so everyone can benefit.  

Key messages:

  • Community Engagement is a vital process for policy, planning and public service.
  • Community Engagement is not just a consultation or branding exercise, it’s an opportunity to tap into the community knowledge bank, understand the diverse values at play and interpret current thinking.
  • To rebuild community engagement, we need to hear the community voice and frame these into positive discussions.

Register: https://www.engineersaustralia.org.au/event/2023/07/thought-leaders-series-community-engagement-engineering-49701

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