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  1. I suggest keeping the 6-digit codes relatively broad, first of all to avoid FoRs becoming extremely niche and secondly to avoid overlapping too much with other (non-engineering) fields of research. I.e. inclusive design and human factors are very established areas of research and expertise within HCI and product design. Researchers working within these spaces will likely identify more closely with codes such 120304 Digital and Interaction Design or 120305 Industrial Design. Environmental engineering has four broad 6-digit codes. Taking inspiration from these, I propose: Humanitarian Engineering Design (incl. inclusive design, human factors, participatory approaches, hcd, co-design,) Humanitarian Engineering Technology (incl. app tech, tech transfer, assistive tech) Humanitarian Engineering Management and Professional Practice (incl. emergency response and disaster management, capacity building, M&E Humanitarian Engineering Education and Training Regarding the last one, I wonder whether Engineering Education as a broad area, is better placed within 0915 Interdisciplinary Engineering, as already proposed (091510 Engineering Education)? The other engineering disciplines with 4-digit codes do not have seperate 6-digit codes for education and training either.
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