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  • Researchers in the Community

  • Name:  Scott Daniel
    Email:  [email protected]
    Institution:  University of Technology, Sydney
    Areas of Research:  Education, Design
    Keywords:  Scenario-based teaching and assessment, curriculum
    Links:  Scholar, OrCID


    Name:  Cris Birzer
    Email:  [email protected]
    Institution:  The University of Adelaide
    Areas of Research:  Energy, Design, WASH
    Keywords:  Technology development
    Links:  GScholar, OrCID, Publons, Scopus, ResearchGate


    Name:  Nick Brown
    Email:  [email protected]
    Institution:  RMIT University 
    Areas of Research:  Education, Design, Energy, WASH, Inclusion, Structures
    Keywords:  Humanitarian Design, Appropriate Technology, Experiential Learing
    Links:  ResearchGate, OrCID


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