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  • EWB Australia Dili Water Supply Rapid Repair Program – Timor-Leste

    Jeremy Smith

    Engineers Without Borders Australia (EWB-A) are seeking three rapid repair roles related to the recent flooding in Dili.  On 4 April 2021, Timor-Leste experienced catastrophic flooding from intense rainfall generated by Cyclone Seroja. This was a ‘once in 250 years’ event that critically damaged, and in some locations destroyed, Dili’s urban water supply infrastructure. As a result, an estimated 45% of Dili households have been left without access to clean water and continuous water supply. The Dili Water Supply Rapid Repair Program (DWSRRP) aims to urgently address the immediate need for clean and continuous water supply, complete rehabilitation works, and conduct long-term resilience planning.

    The DWSRRP implementing partners are PARTISIPA, Cardno, and EWB Australia. There are three roles available for immediate deployment to Timor-Leste:

    • Senior Water Design Engineering
    • Design Draftperson
    • Survey/GIS

    Full details available at https://ewb.org.au/careers/

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