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  • Journal of Humanitarian Engineering 10th Anniversary Special Edition

    Jeremy Smith

    Hi All -- to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the Journal of Humanitarian Engineering in 2022 a special edition has been organised.  This seeks to "take stock of Humanitarian Engineering (and the many other names it is known by) in 2022 and consider the future of this rapidly growing field of research, education, and practice. Contributions to this special issue will respond to one or more of the following questions:"

    • What is Humanitarian Engineering and what makes it distinct from other engineering disciplines (e.g. Civil or Environmental Engineering)?
    • What is ‘best practice’ in Humanitarian Engineering research and/or practice in 2022, how has it changed over time, and how might it look in the future?
    • What is happening at the nexus of humanitarian engineering research and practice in 2022 and beyond?
    • What are the core skills Humanitarian Engineers need to work effectively and ethically? How do we teach these skills to Humanitarian Engineers of the future?
    • How is Humanitarian Engineering taught at universities around the world in 2022 and what are opportunities for improving Humanitarian Engineering education?
    • How do we professionalise Humanitarian Engineering?

    Submissions are welcome from all sectors, individuals and organisations with 400-700 word abstracts due on November 5, with full details and timeline available at https://jhe.ewb.org.au/index.php/jhe/announcement/view/4

    Thanks -- Jeremy

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