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  • Contents of our Body of Knowledge

    Our Body of Knowledge (BoK) incorporates links to existing bodies of knowledge and resources for Humanitarian Engineering and related fields and professions. You will also find links to:

    • Articles
    • Case studies
    • Journals
    • List of researchers
    • Papers
    • Practice notes 
    • Publications
    • Web pages of interest
    • Webinars

    These will be complemented by periodic live webinars to explore topics of interest which will encourage discussion and knowledge sharing through our discussion forums.

    How you can contribute

    • Become a member and share this Community of Practice page with colleagues who have a similar interest
    • Start a discussion or ask a question in the Forum
    • Add to the knowledge base (instructions below)
    • Send us suggestions for webinars through 'Contact us'

    How to add to the Knowledge Base

    If you would like to contribute – say a paper presented at a conference, a think-piece on a particular issue, or references to significant topics:

    1. Click “Knowledge Base” on the BoK dropdown tab
    2. Click “Add a new entry”
    3. Tag it with key searchable words 
    4. Save. It will then be searchable by using those keys, or by its title, author, etc.

    The BoK items will usually be stored in TITLE order, so be sure to give your submission the title which you think will locate it with others addressing similar issues.

    Click the “follow” box to be kept advised of BoK activity.


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