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HumEng COVID19 lessons and priorities from a systems perspective

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The accompanying discussion paper is prompted by the observable developments which have transpired during the COVID19 crisis.

It seeks to highlight the interconnected nature of social systems, and to suggest how humanitarian practice and education should include systemic comprehension as a valuable aspect of humanitarian context.

All comments, constructive criticisms, etc welcomed.

COVIDlessons200529.docx Appendix A in XL format .xlsx

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While not focused on covid-19, one of the attached papers (available from ASEE PEER) looks at the high-level (goal level) linkages and tries to prioritise them.  I do find that tries to "linearise" them whereas potentially a holistic systems approach is more appropriate given the relationships.  The second paper extends the "systemigram" (an influence diagram of sorts) to develop a CLD (causal loop diagram) to explore the feedback loops involved, which helps to look at potential intervention points to have the most impact but utilising the feedback loops present.

Would agree that thinking in terms of system dynamics and feedback loops is an important part of humanitarian engineering practice, although like any tool needs appropriate training and practice.  SESA (Systems Engineering Society of Australia) are starting to look at this from a slightly different starting point, but perhaps there is a good opportunity for a joint discussion in the first place on that.

a-methodology-to-model-the-integrated-nature-of-the-sustainable-development-goals-importance-for-engineering-education.pdf SDG Systems Zhang et al 2016.pdf

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