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Humanitarian Engineering Education in Australia and NZ

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A summary of education and research mostly at universities in Australia attached here.  This was prepared by Rhys Keogh,, based at UTS, who I think is Australia's first "Engineering for Change Fellow".  These are competitive short-term research fellowships from the US-based Engineering for Change (EfC).  This report was prepared by Rhys as a snapshot of education and research in the area (Humanitarian Engineering, or Engineering for Global Development as I think E4C call it).  Certainly highlights again the rapid growth in the area in Australia and NZ.  Certainly highlights the potential role of this CoP and collaborations across universities, organisations and EA.


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Here is an update from md-2019 from David Walker at the University of Wollongong on either existing Humanitarian Engineering courses and plans for a new minor in the area.  Comes out of the mining program and includes an ongoing collaboration in Rwanda:


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The details for the 2020 Humanitarian Innovation Awards organised by the Warren Centre are available - https://humanitarianinnovationawards.com.au/ -- includes an Innovation Pitch for ideas and concepts due in April and a Humanitarian Hackathon July 24-26 in Sydney.  The program and events are supported by RedR Australia and open to students and professionals.

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