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  1. https://jhe.ewb.org.au/index.php/jhe
  2. WHAT IS THE SOLUTIONS LIBRARY? The E4C Solutions Library is a living database of technologies that can improve the quality of life for those living in resource constraint. The data in the Solutions Library is curated technical and market performance information that is normalized across all products, enabling side-by-side comparison and analysis of market influences. This catalog serves to document progress of solutions and enable data-driven decision making by: Engineers and Designers seeking a neutral resource for product prior-art, understand market trends, evaluation methods, standards and comparison Manufacturers seeking endorsement on product performance, quality and distribution While our target audience is primarily engineers, designers and manufacturers, we believe there will be a number of beneficiaries of the information presented in this platform, including implementers of technology seeking to distribute fit-for-service products and understanding user experiences. The data presented in the Solutions Library is aggregated across a variety of sources, includes partner-submissions and crowd-sourced information including:
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